Focussia provides interoperability solutions and expertise to support factory upgrade and enable Smart Manufacturing

Focussia’s team has a strong experience in working with main semiconductor manufacturers. We are known to propose out-of-the-box approach to solve Factory Automation challenges. We provide innovative, agile, fast and sustainable¬† solutions to upgrade factories and enable smart manufacturing :

  • Automation interfaces design and development : we support your team for a faster automation deployment
  • AMHS deployment : thanks to our SmartBoxE84 we can easily deploy OHT or AGV fabwide without asking to equipment suppliers.
  • Legacy tools connectivity upgrade : add SECS GEM interface to old but efficient and already paid-off equipment to get data or enable automation.
  • Sensors integration : we integrate additional sensors to your fab or equipment and provide data to SPC or Data Mining software.
  • Data Collection : we add data collection capabilities to your factory without interferring with the existing architecture, thanks to our SmartPassThrough.
  • Robotization : we work with robotics experts and equipment makers to upgrade your tools with additional robots, material handling system, storages.
  • R&D projects : We are experienced in collaborative R&D programs involving process engineers, automation engineers, IT, equipment makers, scientists, research laboratories…