Semi SECS GEM HSMS for equipment suppliers

Equipment Makers

Focussia provides solutions and expertise to make your equipment compliant with SEMI standards : SECS I, SECS II, HSMS, GEM 200mm, GEM 300mm, EDA, E84…

Smart Factory enabler

Semiconductor Fabs

Focussia supports semiconductor manufacturers in their Fab modernization process : SECS/GEM legacy tools upgrade, E84 protocols deployment, robotization…

smart factory partner

Industry partnership

Focussia supports all smart industry stakeholders in providing modern and open solutions, expertise, software engineering services and SEMI standards trainings.

We provide SECS GEM expertise and solutions to enable Semiconductor Smart Manufacturing

Consulting & Expertise

SEMI standards expertise, Specific equipment and systems software design, R&D Project collaboration and management

Tools Connectivity

Tool communication drivers, sensors and devices integration, Graphical User Interface, Embedded supervision and monitoring

Factory Automation

MES and Automation interfaces, communication drivers, specific zones automatization, transport system integration, real time DC

Semiconductor specific software engineering

Full software development cycle from requirement gathering to acceptance, through system architecture design, development, integration, test, deployment, skill transfer…
Focussia SECS GEM expert

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