Inspection Systems for Foups (300mm Silicon Wafers)

Silicon wafers are generally held and transported using a Front Opening Unified Pod or Front Opening Universal Pod (FOUP), a specialized plastic enclosure specifically designed for storing wafers. Another common use of FOUPs is in the transport of wafers between process tools. Physical Damages to FOUP and physical contamination are universally recognized as being one of the main sources of wafer defectivity in semiconductor fabs, resulting in dreaded yield losses.

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Product Description

Due to the fact that wafers spend almost 70% of their manufacturing cycle in FOUPs, it is necessary therefore to carry out FOUPs integrity control before using it in manufacturing process if we wish to obtain the highest manufacturing yield. To do this we need to use a FOUP inspection system.

The system must be in-line so that the FOUP inspection system is capable of detecting any FOUP damage or physical contamination at every stage of the manufacturing cycle. When the system is correctly incorporated in-line, it can then be used to provide methods of taking corrective actions before “killer defects” actually occur on wafers. The automated FOUP Inspection System by ATG Technologies is one of the latest and most reliable systems and is essential if you are looking for wafer defects related to FOUP integrity reduction in your Fab.

Due to its reliability, ease of use and easily interpreted results, the ATG Technologies automated FOUP Inspection System enables operators to identify if there is any damaged or physically contaminated FOUP present in the manufacturing process and sort it if needed. Some of the most important features of the system are its user-friendly interface, the multi-purpose robotic arm and the high-quality inspection cameras which are used to check the integrity of the FOUPs.

Benefits of a FOUP Inspection System

The use of a FOUP inspection system delivers many benefits to any semiconductor fab, such as:

  • Implement a more complete and quicker FOUP control process
  • Ensure that wafers are processed in Fit For Use FOUPs.
  • Add new defect detection thru a quick setup process
  • Integrate easily new FOUP types in Manufacturing process


Applications for Foup Inspection Systems

A FOUP inspection system can include the following applications:

  • Identify FOUP Type and FOUP/Door Adequacy
  • Inspecting transport Mushroom integrity
  • Inspecting door opening system integrity
  • Inspecting purge port integrity
  • Checking FOUP slots and door integrity
  • Checking physical contamination absence
  • Versatile equipment allowing adding new defect inspection upon request

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