We provide connectivity solutions to power smart manufacturing

Focussia provides software innovative connectivity solutions for equipment suppliers and factories.

FOCUSSIA has been founded by passionates and experienced peoples (from Si Automation, now PDF Solutions and KeepCore). We are a software engineering company, serving the manufacturing industry and focused on nanotechnologies industries (photovoltaic, mems, front end, back end, assembly, LED…). Our team has decades of experience in the semiconductor field. We have led several tools or fab-wide automation projects, data collection, SPC, advanced process control, robotization, fab-wide OHT deployment…  and specific R&D projects for the main semiconductor actors.

We love taking up industrial challenges and propose most effective solutions to answer our clients’ needs. We are committed to supporting equipment makers  from the first discussions with end-customers to the final equipment acceptance.

We believe equipment interoperability is a key challenge in the 4.0 Industry transition. Our mission is to provide Open, Flexible, Scalable and Plug&Play Industrial interoperability solutions for ALL equipment, tools, sensors and devices to enable the Smart Factory.

Customers, References and achievements


OHT E84 integration, Zone Robotization, SMIF integration, R&D Partner


SEMI GEM 200mm connectivity integration solution and expertise

Alliance Concept

SECS/GEM 200mm connectivity solutions and expertise


Linux PassThrough solution to enable Fast Data Collection on equipments.


GEM 200mm connectivity integration for photovoltaic equipments


SECS/GEM 200mm connectivity solutions and integration

ATG Technologies

GEM integration and connectivity, GUI design and Zone robotization


Focussia is an active member of ARCSIS who federates research centers and industries


Software engineering and Agile projects management

Pfeiffer Vacuum

Connectivity solutions and GEM 200mm / 300mm integration, GUI, OHT drivers

NBS Technologies

SECS/GEM 200mm and 300mm integration solutions and expertise

NBS Technologies

Focussia is an active member of SEMI standards organization

Consulting & Expertise

SEMI standards expertise, Specific equipment and systems software design, R&D Project collaboration and management

Tools Connectivity

Tool communication drivers, sensors and devices integration, Graphical User Interface, Embedded supervision and monitoring

Factory Automation

MES and Automation interfaces, communication drivers, specific zones automatization, transport system integration, real time DC

Semiconductor specific software engineering

Full software development cycle from requirement gathering to acceptance, through system architecture design, development, integration, test, deployment, skill transfer…