Focussia SEMI SECS GEM Expert

We upgrade equipment and fabs to smart manufacturing

We upgrade equipment and Fabs to smart manufacturing

Semi SECS GEM HSMS for equipment suppliers

Equipment Automation

Focussia supports equipment manufacturers in providing open connectivity and automation solutions, SEMI standard integration expertise and user centric interfaces

Smart Factory enabler

FAB Upgrade

Focussia has developped unique solutions and expertise to upgrade fabs : equipment cell automation and robotization, Fab automation, AMHS upgrade and extensions, Data Collection…

smart factory partner


Focussia provides connectivity solutions and expertise to make your equipment, robot, vehicle or any device compliant with modern fabs requirements like SEMI SECS/GEM 200/300mm

Semiconductor smart manufacturing

“We believe equipment connectivity is a key challenge in the 4.0 Smart Manufacturing transition. We commit in providing open, flexible and scalable interoperability solutions for equipment and fabs to enable Smart Factory.”

Off the shelf connectivity solutions for semiconductor equipment and Fabs

SmartGem SECS GEM software solution


Equipment automation and SEMI SECS/GEM integration solution to add E4, E5, E30, E37, E39, E40… features to your manufacturing equipment.

SmartBoxE84 - SEMI E84 solution

SEMI E84 integration solution

Highly flexible and affordable solution to provides E84 connectivity to any equipment or vehicle and to upgrade or extend AMHS in the Fab

SECS & HSMS Passthrough

SmartPassThrough is a robust and versatile solution to upgrade a point to point SECS channel into a multi tenants communication channel.

semiconductor smart factory

Fab Automation and Equipment Interoperability solutions for semiconductor smart manufacturing

Focussia is a software engineering company focussed on the semiconductor industry (Front End, Back End, Photovoltaic, Assembly, LED, Silicon…). We develop innovative connectivity solutions to make equipment interoperable and compliant with SEMI communication standards and beyond (SECS/GEM, HSMS, GEM200, GEM300, EDA, E84…). We are committed to supporting equipment makers to upgrade their tools and onboard 4.0 factories from the first discussions with end-customers to the final equipment acceptance in the fab. 

We provide interoperability solutions and expertise to upgrade semiconductor manufacturing factories (Fabs) : Automation interfaces, tool connectivity upgrade, E84 fab wide upgrade, IoT deployment, modern and ergonomic User Interface (UI, UX), zone supervision, equipment monitoring, SPC, FDC, Data Collection without interfering with automation, equipment cell or full zone robotization, R&D projects…

Focussia also supports integrators, IT teams, equipment distributors, universities, research labs and other smart industry stakeholders in providing modern and open solutions and semiconductor specific training and expertise.

Focussia is a french semiconductor industry actor who supports the French Fab
POLE SCS - Iot and secured connected devices
Innovation office who supported SmartGem secs/gem gateway development
La Region Occitanie has supported the development of our equipment automation solution

Focussia is now a part of MGA Technologies and ATG Technologies.

Our combined skills lead to a unique one-stop-shop for semiconductor industry and Fab upgrade projects.

Focussia, MGA and ATG combine semiconductor industry technologies and standards expertise like SEMI SECS/GEM, Automatic Material Handling Systems (AMHS) and E84 protocols, Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES), wafer carriers handling (Pods, Foups, Cassettes…) robots, wafer handling robots, clean room environment… but also collaborative robotics, control and vision, user interface design, mechatronics, process engineering, software engineering, mechanics.

Together we commit in proposing unique innovative and added value solutions to upgrade existing fabs in order to improve the operator safety and ergonomics, the production unit throughput, the products quality, the production line reactivity, reduce the defects and, at the end of the day, increase the overall yield. 

Focussia semiconductor smart manufacturing experts
MGA is a major french smart manufacturing actor who design and build custom industrial equipment
ATG is a smart industry engineering company focused on manufacturing equipment upgrade
Focussia team of smart manufacturing experts

    Focussia SECS GEM expert

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