SECS GEM expertise for semiconductor smart manufacturing

Focussia’s team has decade of experience developing and integrating SECS GEM interfaces for manufacturing equipment, factory automation, MES, sensors, peripherals… We provide service and support to equipment makers and factory automation teams in order to make tools interoperable and to actually connect it to the Fab and other devices. Focussia uses in-house or third-part software solutions to lead successful projects in a strong partnership and commitment with customers teams.

  • Equipment OEM SECS GEM interfaces design, development, integration and qualification of new equipment SECS GEM interface. It includes 200MM, 300MM, EDA (interface A), PV2, E84 and all the SEMI standards applicable tor your equipment.
  • Equipment SECS GEM Upgrade : we can add SECS GEM on legacy tools without equipment supplier support (old equipment, no longer supported…)
  • Equipment or Host SECS simulator : we can design high fidelity equipment or host SECS simulator and emulator to enable off-site test and debug.
  • SECS/GEM Automation interfaces : design, development, integration and qualification of automation SECS/GEM controller. We support factory automation team in deploying automation interfaces between equipment and MES fab wide.
  • Data Collection interfaces : we design, develop and deploy fast data collection solution to feed your big data projects and data analysis system. We use EDA (interface-a) or traditional SECS GEM interface to collect data. Our SECS-Passthrough enable fast data collection deployment without interfering with automation messages.
  • Devices and sensors integration : we provide small factor secs gem devices to integrate stand alone devices, sensors, peripherals, robots… in order to connect it the factory network and enable the smart factory.

Get SECS/GEM expertise and support

SECS/GEM and SEMI Standards Trainings

Focussia share his SECS/GEM and SEMI standards expertise in providing training sessions in our office or on your site. We can customize the training to match with your specific requirements and upcoming projects. Contact us to build a perfectly adjusted training agenda.

Focussia SECS GEM expert

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