Software Engineering for the 4.0 industry

Focussia’s software engineering team brings together peoples with a wide range of advanced skills and experiences to design out-of-the box solutions and deliver innovative software. Off course we first have a strong background in developing robust custom software for many different industries : Energy, Environmental, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Automotive…  But our team also includes highly skilled software architects and developers with experience in R&D collaborative projects, business analysis software, data mining, supervisions, monitoring, mobile applications, web platforms, UX design, ergonomics…


  • Data acquisition and data analysis solution : we develop robust and versatile full custom solution to collect and analyse data from tools, sensors, controllers and other devices. We are able to implement business rules and alarms, push relevant data to third part software and enable the first step of the smart industry.
  • Material tracking and traceability : we develop custom solution to implement full traceability within equipment and within clusters.
  • Supervision, monitoring : we create users friendly and ergonomic supervision and monitoring system for tools, sensors and other devices.
  • User Interfaces : Focussia has a strong User Experience (UX) design expertise and can develop efficient and user friendly interfaces for equipment or to monitor tools, data…

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software engineering technologies

We use technology that match the most with customers expectations, resources and background, following a rational approach without any prejudice.

  • Software development technologies : JAVA, JavaScript, C++, C#, Delphi, Labview, PERL, VB, C, Assembly
  • Database : MySQL, MariaDB, SQL, Oracle, Amazon AWS
  • Operating System : Windows, Linux, MacOS
  • Other technologies and frameworks : Apache, Tomcat, Spring,
  • Protocols : SECS, HSMS, E84, ModBus, Tibco RDV, VFEI, DMBX, Devicenet, OPC, ProfiBus
  • Industrial software and framework : Maestria, SBSS (SilverBox Software Suite), SECSPack, StationWorks, CellWorks, Grapheq, WorkStream, DMQ
  • Design and management tools : Balsamiq, Sketch, JIRA, Mantis, Bugzilla…
Focussia SECS GEM expert

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