Automatic Tool Loading systems : FSI Mercury Smart Cell

If you are looking to find a solution for loading mercury FSIs automatically then ATG’s compact FSI Mercury Smart Cell Machine is ideal as it ensures optimized throughput while simultaneously improving workstation ergonomics and traceability reliability. Adding our Smart Cell Automation to your FSI Mercury will guarantee a throughput of at least 1,5 Million wafers processed yearly.

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Focussia is a specialist of semiconductor smart manufacturing and SECS/GEM standards

Benefits of the FSI Mercury Smart Cell Machine

The Smart Cell Automation Equipment will bring many benefits to your FSI Mercury manufacturing process, such as:

  • Delivering an optimized throughput when loading and unloading machines
  • Reduce FSI Mercury Downtime as limited to unloading/loading operation.
  • Better workstation ergonomics and reduced risk of MSD- Manual operation represent 3,7 tons of wafer manipulated per shift
  • Enhanced process traceability
  • Reduced contamination risks



Some of the most common applications for the FSI Mercury Smart Cell Machine include:

  • Cassette/pod handling
  • Wafer handling
  • Recipe management
  • Pod storage and supply

See the FSI Mercury Smart Cell Machine Product page.

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