SmartPassThrough is a versatile and robust SECS PassThrough

Our SECS PassThrough is a very strong and powerful software solution that allows many industrial applications like fast and real time data collection, real time equipment synchronization and automatization, Run2Run, Automation extension, sensors integration…

The PassThrough is placed between a SECS GEM device and its host and it is able to intercept SECS messages, analyze it, understand it, react to it, forward it, but also to insert custom messages in the line without interfering with the main communication channel.  Thats the reason why it is often used in Data Collection projects, in order to capture data from the tools without interfering with Automation messages.

Running on Linux platforms, our SECS PAssThrough is a very efficient software that can run on small platform devices with low resources.

What a SECS PassThrough can do for you ?

Focussia SECS GEM expert

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