Focussia supports all Smart Industry partners in their efforts upgrading to 4.0 manufacturing

We support semiconductor industry stakeholders in sharing with them our knowledge and technology :

  • Outsourcing and consultancy companies¬†
  • Software engineering companies
  • Software solutions editors¬†
  • Research laboratories
  • Equipment manufacturers
  • Equipment distributors
  • Material suppliers

SEMI standards trainings

We organize SECS GEM Training sessions in our office (South of France – Europe) or on your site. Our standard training agenda covers GEM200 scenarios, GEM 300 scenarios, communication protocols (SECS1, SECS2, HSMS)… We can customize the training agenda for you to cover specific aspects and to focus on automation point of view or tool point of view.

Equipment integration and Automation Training

We share our experience in designing, developing and deploying automation interface fab wide. We customize our agenda to take in account your specific project requirements. We can also cover specific legacy framework usage like SBSS, StationWorks, Grapheq…

Custom Training

We can build custom specific trainings related to semiconductor field and share with you our training experience.


We provide on demand technical support and technical coaching services to accelerate teams.


Tune your training agenda or support program

Focussia SECS GEM expert

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