We connect SC manufacturing tools

Semi SECS GEM HSMS tool communication

SECS / GEM Connectivity

Add SEMI SECS GEM connectivity feature to your manufacturing or r&d equipment to address semiconductor industry effortless.

F-E84 : The ultimate OHT BOX

Our new E84 OHT Box allow you to connect up to 6 loading ports to the fab transport system following the SEMI E84 standard.

SECS & HSMS Linux Passthrough

F-LinuxPassThrough is a versatile SECS passthrough to collect or inject data on the line without interfering with automation.

Focussia is a leading manufacturing tools connectivity provider

FOCUSSIA provides software development and integration servicessoftware tools and trainings for the Semiconductor industry. Our expertise, combined to the reliability and performances of our solutions will facilitate the integration of equipments, sensors and any system in semiconductor factories.

Consulting & Expertise

Tools Connectivity

Factory Automation

Semiconductor specific software engineering

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Focussia European Office


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